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...Ordained to be together
audio excerpt of Frederick Scott as transcribed by Angela Smith

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Scott: That’s a story. That’s a story that says we were ordained to be together.  Believe me.  I had a friend who lived in the same block because we got married, we got a room, a third floor room, a few doors from my friend and about a block and a half from my parents and, but we used to go down to a bar and study.

Q: Study at the bar?

Scott: Not actually at the bar. They had seating in the back so we would go back there in the booth and we would study, I guess study so I was there and a friend, at least an acquaintance because I really didn’t know much about it, but a friend came in with a beautiful woman whom I didn’t know and didn’t know his relationship to her and introduced me to her and then he went socializing around the bar so I still didn’t know who she was. I started talking with her and we sort of hit it off and we exchanged phone numbers and we started dating and it turned out that she was, had been taking care of his children while his wife who was her dearest friend was having a third child except that she died at childbirth.






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