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...on coming to Hopkins
video of Levi Watkins

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Why Hopkins. I have, my folks did not have money to send me to college and I had enlisted in the Army in 1944 to get training under the Armed Services Reserve Training Program and was scheduled to go to Penn State when I graduated from Douglass High School in 1945. In the course of one day, I don’t remember the specifics, but in the hallway talking with some other students in my class, we go to talking about colleges and somehow or another, Johns Hopkins came up. I had never really thought seriously about Johns Hopkins. It just wasn’t, you know, on the radar screen as they say today.  However, being sort of a smart remark, I said oh I could go there if I wanted to and the guy said you can’t go there because they don’t let Negroes into that school, that university and I said so well let’s find out.



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