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Yasmene Mumby

Yasmene Mumby

Yasmene Mumby is native Marylander from Ellicott City and a member of theclass of 2008. She is an International Relations major with a devoted interest in languages. Although, currently she is in the midst of perfecting her Spanish and Arabic, in the future she hopes to learn Italian and Portuguese as well. She plans to pursue graduate work in the field of International Relations; where in, she hopes to professionally fulfill her goals of working overseas in various countries where she will be able to utilize her linguistic skills.

In her spare time, when Yasmene is not studying, she is either on the sidelines of the soccer fields cheering for her brothers and sister
(she is the oldest of four), enjoying a set at a D.C. jazz club, or attending a football game. Yasmene is an active member of the Black StudentUnion and la Organización Latina Estudiantil.


Rochelle Morgan

Rochelle Morgan was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica in November 29, 1986.  She grew up in the sunny and beautiful hills of Montego Bay, Jamaica.  At the age of 11 she moved to the United States with her mother who had come here a few years before her.  She began her time in the United States in 8th grade and continued through high school in Maryland until the year 2003.  She then started her time at Johns Hopkins University where she studies Public Health in hopes of pursuing medical school upon graduation in 2007.  In the future, she hopes to practice medicine and catalyze some policy change in her native Jamaica, which will lead to better mental health care and universal quality of education for all Jamaican youth.

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