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Shannon Jackson is majoring in Sociology and pursuing a minor in Entrepreneurship and Management. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, she graduated at the top of her class from Baltimore City College High School and entered Hopkins in 2005 as one of the first Baltimore Scholars. She hopes to attend business school and obtain an MBA after graduating from the Johns Hopkins University in 2009, and plans to go into the corporate marketing or management career field.

Chris Baia is part of the class of 2008 as a poltical science major. He enjoys playing tennis, and debating for the Johns Hopkins Woodrow Wilson Debate Council. Chris loves his time at Hopkins, and hopes to persue a law degree one day.

Peter Sobel was born in Dobbs Ferry, NY and has lived there ever since. He came to Johns Hopkins because of the intense intellectual environment and strong language programs. A member of the class of 2009, Peter plans to declare a major in Anthropology while continuing to study Italian. In his freshman year at Hopkins, Peter was a member of the crew team. But after missing other sports, he decided to stop rowing and join the Hopkins Ice Hockey team, where he has enjoyed himself very much. Peter’s motivation for doing this project was based on his interest in research and diversity at Hopkins. Like Katrina Bell McDonald, Peter believes that having numerous different opinions from people of all different backgrounds is important for learning. The African American background is unique compared to other groups of people, and Peter feels that it is important that we study it at Hopkins, and everywhere in the world.


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